REVIEW: Andreas Slominski at MMK, Frankfurt

Andreas Slominski
MMK Frankfurt
Domstrasse 10
23 September 2006 – 28 January 2007

Devilishly delightful 500-kilometer taxi rides are a dime a dozen in India. But taking a taxi from Hamburg to Frankfurt? Andreas Slominski did. Then he handed director Udo Kittelmann the bill. Even cheekier: Parked at the entrance, a tire was removed and the meter kept ticking. The menacing metaphor was not lost on anyone; he’d parked at the entrance to a famed Hans Hollein building, which Slominski decorated with a billboard-size set of Christmas lights. A taxi without a wheel is, after all, like the left-behind suitcase at the airport, a ticking bomb, a concentration of panic and anxiety. The evidence of further rigorous mischief inside included a truncated ski-hut (Where are the skis? 2000), a Wheelchair to Surmount the Staircase in Odessa (2000), a soccer ball cautiously patrolled by the guard (Football with Child’s Skull, 2000), and behind a dark wall was the Device to Frighten People Lingering in Parks at Night (2000). It was here, knowing the impish Slominski for his traps, that I warily entered the pitch dark room to inspect a glowing globe and this metal “thing” underneath it which resembled -- in the dark -- a deadly weapon. I nearly wet my pants for fear. But nothing happened. And if such a device were actually put to use in a park, then one would logically see an extra moon. An extra moon? Yes. Scary.


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