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The Day After (posted on 10 November 2016)

at on Mike Nelson's "Tools That See" at neugerriemschneider

on Mike Nelson in Berlin, 2012, unpublished

April's Top 13 from the Paris runways, Wednesday, September 28, 2016

When Are Tits Not Really Tits But More Like a Stylist's Accessoire to Rev It Up a Bit?

When Respecting Freedom of Choice Equates Respecting No Freedom of Choice

Make Purple Great Again

Daniel Josefsohn

Vladimir Karaleev's latest... with holes in the right places

on Vladimir Karaleev: a long-time love, since 2010...

Wasting Away – or rather, Waist, go away! – in Repression Era Wear (ca 2007)

Question de jour: How much ass can one show?