Learning to Love Your Lycra Again and Again

Lycra. You gotta love it. I mean really love it. After all, it’s permanently there! Really. You didn’t know that, I know you didn’t. I didn’t until I saw Alex James’s documentary, Slowing Down Fast Fashion

Watch it for free on Amazon Prime (also on iTunes):

And get used to seeing me in my Captain Turtle lycra leggings. I have had them now for at least 10 years and since they are indestructible (and I just sewed in new elastic in the waist), they will be with me for the rest of my life. They will even eventually outlive me. My conscious would never let me part with them to become part of the X million tons of fashion waste (80 pounds per person, according to 2016 statistics, about 36 kilo) filling landfills and complicating Africa’s economy…. Fashion is, after all, a huge economic generator and the second most polluting industry in the world (behind oil). For more on that theme, by the way, see this film and watch how it is cheaper to fly to Guangzhou to buy Gucci fakes and repurpose them for a Kinshasa fashion show than it is to buy and source locally. 


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