Streetwear is the New Whateverwear

Rue the day that streetwear goes back into its corner, and all the couture houses of the world leave it in the dust!

But that moment is coming. Get out your ironing boards, plan on trips to the dry cleaner again.

Beware: the oversized hoodie is no longer in fashion. 

What was taken away from the street is given back. The trend was great while it lasted. It let us ease out of our flanel pjs and straight into sweatpants and feel dressed (and i do mean dressed) for the day. It also liberated streetwear, or sweatwear, rather, from its racist connotations. Remember the day when men wearing hoodies on dark streets would get shot by police just for grabbing for their keys? 

Linda Loppa called it. Pas moi. And she would know. She was first up on a day panel on the “Relevance of Fashion” given by Die Zeit Magazin and Vogue to open up Berlin Fashion Week. She was moaning the lack of appreciation these days for the word “beautiful” and in that context, out popped her prophetic critique: Streetwear is the new Whateverwear.

Seeing the new Off-White show, I think Linda Loppa is on the right side of the tracks here. Abloh is the reigning God of Streetware capital S these days, after all, and in his show yesterday, the opening riffs were on the “casual Friday” look. Businesswear, it turns out, is the new black.

And you heard it here first.

ps: So much for prophecy. It will take a while. Check out Valentino's new fancy pants, hot off the runway. Hat's off, Pierpaolo Piccioli.

And Kim Jones's last collection for Louis Vuitton. Goodbye yellow brick road, hello gold track pants:

[[link here to the complete Off-White show:]]


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